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Red Van Creative is known for it’s exceptional WordPress Web Design in Kingwood Texas — making clients stand out online and differentiating them from the competition.

It seems, every time you hear someone talk about WordPress web design in Kingwood Texas, you always hear “WordPress”. This isn’t a coincidence. WordPress is a robust website design program that is preferred by designers, advanced users and developers. Because WordPress is an open-source software, it is often the platform of choice — primarily because of it’s user-friendliness for beginners and it’s back-end robustness for developers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experts.

Why Wordpress?

WordPress makes it super simple to build a website for small businesses. It has an extremely wide range of themes — base designs — to choose from and enables you to use all the tools and plugins you’ll need to grow your business. And if you're looking for something unique and different from all the other websites out there, there are great theme options for executing one of kind designs.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build, update and edit your website easily. Simply by logging in to a web browser, a use can easily build and edit with an simple backend or frontend interface, usually with Divi by Elegant Themes, Beaver Builder, Elementor, or something similar — which are our ideal themes.

In the past, Wordpress has been labeled as an easy to use CMS System that allows anyone the ability to build and managage their own website. Mom and Pop companies can now take their advertising in their own hands. I tend to laugh at that notion, and say it's partly true. If an experienced Wordpress designer and/or developer designs the site properly, even the most inexperienced users can make updates. But to expect someone with no experience to load a template and start building a website, that's built properly, is responsive, and SEO rich, is impossible. That's not just an opinion, but my experience.

Paradigm Brewing Website Design by Red Van Creative
Red Van Creative Website Content Creation and Design

What do you look for in the Ideal Wordpress Website Design Theme?

    • Drag-and-drop capabilities
    • Ease of use for the business owner
    • Endless templates and designs to start with
    • The ability to set up custom website designs as needed
    • Requires little or no coding out of the box
    • Conversely, ability to add code to make it a one-0f-a-kind site
    • SEO Friendliness
    • A consistent and simple web experience
    • Creativity out of the box, reducing the need for plugins


    Our preferred Theme to work with is Divi, by Elegant Themes

    Divi is the most popular Wordpress Theme in the world and the ultimate Wordpress page builder. Divi is more than just a theme, it's a website building framework that crafts and designs beautiful websites without ever touching a single line of code — plus, an experienced designer can add small amounts of code and make it do even more amazing things. Not only that, but Divi is simple and doesn't require a ton of secondary plugins that slow down the site. According to Divi, by Elegant Themes, they think it's he future of WYSIWYG and is unlike any other WordPress theme ever created.

    Red Van Creative Website Content Creation and Design
    Red Van Creative Website Content Creation and Design


    Another theme we like to work with is Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder is a great Wordpress Website Design Theme making it the perfect balance of settings and functionality. With Beaver Builder a designer and user can view and edit a the live site at any time. With Beaver Builder, editing pages and content is incredibibly simple and convenient. What you see is what you get with the intuitive WordPress website builder that works in real time on the front end of your website. There is no guess work in the design, as long as you're using a responsive theme. Every page built with Beaver Builder will be totally responsive.


    Elementor is another intuitive website builder that we use

    From landing pages, and eCommerce stores, to full-blown websites — Elementor is a great Wordpress Website Builder that can do it all. With Elementor a designer can Drag-and-drop content on a page, making the website come to life. You can use any of 100+ widgets and there's no coding required. Built as an open-source CMS, Elementor allows designers and experienced developers to extend functionality or integrate the power of the platform into their products via their own logic and code.


    Red Van Creative Website Content Creation and Design

    Your New WordPress Website Design Is Just The Start!

    Let your Website be the catalyst that drives your marketing. Drive customers and potential customers to your website with a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan. 

    Are there other CMS options besides Wordpress?

    Hub Spot:

    HubSpot is a fully integrated CMS that is designed for marketers and business owners. The CMS is robust and is set up with a website front-end, detailed marketing automation, sales, service, and operations tools — making it an ideal solution for growing businesses as well as large enterprises looking for an all-in-one system.


    Like Wordpress, Joomla is a popular free open source CMS platform that comes with different templates and extensions. It’s free to use, but you’ll need hosting. It's an ideal CMS platform for developers and experienced website creators. It’s not a good option for beginners.


    Wix is a popular CMS platform, though it has some limitations. People like Wix because they can stand a sight up easily, however it has numerous limitations, primarily SEO, Seach Engine Optimization, and robustness when adding features.

    Big Commerce

    Big Commerce is a hosted all in one eCommerce platform. It’s easy to get started with even if you are a beginner. BigCommerce hosts your site for you, as well as provides. A benefit of Big Commerce is it handles security and backups for you.


    Like Big Commerce, Shopify is another all-in-one hosted CMS platform. You won’t need to buy hosting, install software, or manage updates and backups. It has a straightforward drag and drop interface and supports eCommerce. I find it's a little more difficult to use, right out of the box.


    Drupal is another open source CMS platform that you rarely hear of. It’s a Content Management System behind some major websites, including The Economist’s site and a number of university’s websites. Drupal is a good option for developers, or for people able to hire a developer. 

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