Product Naming

Whether you are creating a new product name, brand name, or company name from scratch, or if you are expanding an existing brand line, Red Van can help you create the right name for all of your future marketing efforts.

We start the process with an immersion process to understand your branding goals, product features, service offerings, marketing objectives – all relative to your target audience needs and competitive landscape. It is our goal to create a name that fits your current needs and a name that will grow with your company or organization. We will also consider URLs that can be secured on your behalf.

We will look at your company as a whole and your current or future brand architecture, to recommend the right name to position your product, service or company to succeed in all future communications. All trademark services will be performed by each client’s legal team, however we will make all efforts to help identify competitive names that can be protected in your specific industry category.

There are many different kinds of names for consideration:

» Descriptive names (or literal names)

» Invented names

» Abstract names

» Evocative names

» Feature/benefit names

» Brand family names

» Acronyms

If you’re looking for a creative perspective to help you with your naming services, we’re ready to start the conversation.