Red Van Creative is known as a premier Texas marketing solutions company, with work including corporate identity, strategic planning, creative direction, branding, website design, search engine optimization, illustration, advertising, collateral, print design, and direct marketing.

Red Van Creative Texas Marketing Solutions

Jared Van Bruaene

Owner / Creative Driver

Red Van, At A Glance

After working as a creative director in a rapidly growing Agency for years, I found myself doing more managing than creating. My passion is being creative. So, with that said, I quit my job and went out on my own. (I billed 8 hours of work the first day, and things haven’t slowed down since.) Today I work with many great local, regional and national clients in multiple types of rolls, and have a reputation as a premier Texas marketing solutions company. Some clients have a direction in place and I simply help them implement their plan. Other clients need help with everything from strategy to execution, and I step in as their full marketing department. Either way, I work hard to add creativity to everything — in order for the client to stand out in their competitive market.


  • Independent creative branding expert with 25+ years of experience
  • Affordable design and marketing resource with zero layers of overhead
  • Established partnerships with top production and technology resources, based on project requirements
  • Work with all types and sizes of businesses for Texas marketing solutions

What makes Red Van Creative a premier Texas marketing solutions company?

No More Useless Layers of Staffing

While working in an agency, I saw an incredible amount of waste when it came to staffing. From Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers, Production Teams, Account Teams, Strategic Teams, Technology Teams, Media Teams, Traffic, Public Relations, and more. I’m not saying these are bad, however every group is fighting for every dollar, from every client. In most instances, it wasn’t about what was best for the client, but about how we can pay for our never ending staff. All so we can get more clients to do it again. Clients would get frustrated and leave, new clients would come. It was a vicious cycle.

My goal in starting Red Van Creative was to streamline the process and only charge the client for what they needed. Being faithful and successful with the small things will bring clients back for more. And that is exactly what has happened. Some of my clients have been with me since I started in 2008.

I have assembled a growing network of talented marketing experts, artists, programmers, printers and more. As projects require it, I pull from those resources to assemble nimble and affordable teams to conquer any project.

It’s Not About Awards

Client success seems to be secondary when it comes to most advertising and marketing firms. In many cases it’s about how many awards can we win, so we can get recognized, so can get more clients, so we can win more awards, again, so we can get more clients, etc.

Focusing On The Client

I decided to make Red Van Creative different. From the start, I wanted to keep the company streamlined and client focused. Throughout my career, I have worked with some amazingly talented people. Rather than keeping everyone on salary, I decided to position the company to bring in talented teams as each project requires it. I personally work with each client, driving the creative direction, managing expectations, and if necessary, assembling an experienced and knowledgeable team on a per project basis. Keeping costs down and utilizing the best talent in the industry helps make Red Van Creative a premier Texas Marketing Solutions company.

In It For The Long Haul

Proudly, I can say we have clients that have been with us since we started. Certainly, we regularly get new clients that are looking for branding, web design and strategic planning, but I think it’s telling that once we start working with a client, they become comfortable with our process, our results and it turns into a long-term relationship.

Texas Marketing Solutions That Make A Difference

While I loveBuilding brands, positioning products, and driving traffic — I do it all for one purpose, to make a difference. My dad always said, “leave something better than when you found it.” I love helping companies be successful. I love making a difference and working with great people. But in the end, I love working with companies that make positive impact in the community and across the world.

No Cookie-Cutter Branding

In my experience, I’ve learned that cookie cutter branding, print materials and website templates don’t cut it. To reach today’s consumers your marketing materials must tell your unique story — and it must be engaging and inspire trust in your company.