Why a Red Van?


I get this question all of the time.

The story’s pretty simple. Originally, I wanted to go by Van Bruaene Creative. But I ran into two issues. ONE, no one can say my name Van Bruaene (Van • Bra • Knee) and TWO, that’s not very creative.

Rather than going by my last name, I decided to go by … JaRED VAN Bruaene CREATIVE.

With over 20 years of experience, working with businesses of all sizes, I’ve learned that cookie cutter branding, print materials and website templates don’t cut it. To reach today’s consumers your marketing materials and content must be unique, engaging and it must inspire trust in your company.

From my extensive ad agency experience, and working with numerous Fortune 500 brands, I feel like “I’ve been there and done that” — from corporate identity, branding, creative concepting, logo design, illustration, copywriting, advertising, collateral, print design, website design, web programming, direct marketing and strategic planning.

If you’re looking for a creative resource that’s fast, flexible and reasonably priced, then keep reading. If you’re looking for a high-profile agency that’s going to feed your ego and charge you way too much, you should probably look somewhere else.