What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization 

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, sell a product or positioning your service — crafting impactful website copy that is keyword rich can be the difference in getting seen or overlooked.

Your website is a precious commodity, it allows potential customers to learn what your brand is all about. It may be the only thing they see of you. If your website’s cumbersome and sub par, they may think the same about your product or service. The last thing you need is for poor content and flow to dissuade site visitors from becoming customers. PLUS, with poor copy and content, visitors may not find you in the first place.

Follow these tips for crafting impactful website content and you’ll start seeing more page hits and conversions in no time:

Do use keywords to plan your page content

Plan, plan and plan some more. Don’t just assume you have great keywords. Know what works. What doesn’t. What’s your competition using. What is an easy point of entry and what is a hard keyword to be noticed with. If 10Million companies are using the same keywords, it’ll be hard to break into the market.

Do Not Steal Content from other sites

Do use heirartical order for copy formatting

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and body copy

Do not duplicate Copy

Do not use the same H1s or page descriptions on pages. Will alert errors to Google and drop your ranking

Do keep your website up to date

Make sure plugins and templates are up to date. Not only for security reasons, but also for

Do not use oversize images or videos

Page paint is important. People leave your site in seconds if nothing loads, but it slows down the experience.

Do – analyze your site often

Regularly analyze your site for broken links, images, etc. 

Do think about your image names

Use proper keywords and page names in your image descriptions and

Do not just think Google

Register your site with all the major search engines.  Bing, Google, ….  It seems like a lot of work, and it is, but it does help get recognition

Do register your site with local sites

Depending on your product, be known locally. There are a list of local sites to register with, hundreds. These help in showing search engines your a reputable site

Do Not Stop

Once your site is up, you have to keep going to make it relevant. Plugins must be updated, but content must be refreshed.

Do focus on backlinks

Do Not use a black hat agency

Make sure you are using a reputable service in growing your organic traffic. Trying to cut corners, can get you in trouble with Google, and get your site

These tips take time to move you up the organic rankings. Also consider setting up a PPC Pay Per Click campaign utilizing your best keywords.

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The “Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Website Content” is just part of my website design Philosophy. I’ll be more thoughts and ideas in future posts. Are you a designer, marketing director, or just a creative at heart? I would love to hear from you. Contact me with any comments or questions.

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