The Red Van Creative Small Business Marketing Process is Simple — It involves research, understanding, experience and creative execution.

We understand every business is different. No two marketing processes are the same. Taking into account Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Industry trends and more can effect how you find and talk to a potential customer. Below is a general outline of our Small Business Marketing Process — which of course, can change as needed.

Our Small Business Marketing Process Includes:


Get a Clear Understanding of Who You Are

This can happen through meetings, creating internal and external surveys, customer and employee interviews, analyzing your competition, understanding leaders in your market and more.

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Create a Messaging and Copy Platform that Effectively Communicates Your Story

Based on Step 1, we’ll craft a messaging platform that will be used throughout all future marketing materials and directed to specific market segments. We’ll craft a mesaging platform that you can use for all future marketing materials, ie; headlines, subheads, benefits, callouts, call-to-actions and more.

Red Van Creative Messaing Platform


Develop a Logo Design & Brand That Get’s You Noticed

Perhaps you have a logo that you love and is recognizable in your business space. Great job! Based on our research, we can help you refine your logo, or develop new marks for products or different areas of your company to help it stand out. 

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Carefully & Strategically Design Your Website

Based on Steps 1 and 2, we’ll develop a wireframe and provide design options that will set your brand apart, and create the perfect picture of who you are. Keep in mind, this is not just an online brochure. We well develop a plan to turn your website into a customer catching, lead generating, beast.

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Focus on SEO, Keyword Research and Analysis

We don’t just write a bunch of copy and hope you get noticed. We focus on proper keyword research, effective naming conventions and more to make your website gain traction online. Proper SEO for organic growth can require just as much work on the backend, as there is on the front end design.

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Create Creative Content for the Website and Future Marketing Initiatives

You’re a great company and people need to see that. Sub-par images, graphics, layouts and product positioning will make your company appear sub-par. Red Van Creative will shoot or create attention-getting images, develop infographics, craft original videos and more. This content won’t just live on the web. But we’ll keep in mind on how we can use them on future marketing intitiaves, like email, direct mail, presentations, brochures and more. Essentially giving your company a cohesive branded look.

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Develope a Plan to Engage Potential Customers

Based on our market research and understanding who the customer is, we’ll customize a plan that drives engagement. No two plans are ever the same. We’ll understand how a customer engages in the decision process and engage them at those decision points.

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Simply Put, Let’s Drive Traffic – Online & In-store

The whole goal of what we do is to drive traffic. We are driving customers and potential customers to your website to get educated, to the phone to give you a call or to your brick and mortar business to make a purchase.

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Analyze Everything & Focus On What Works

At this point we take a fresh look of everything we’ve done. What’s working, what can we make work better. Then we need to double down our the successess, make the necessary tweaks and push our marketing even further.

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