Again, I can’t emphasize this enough, don’t force your story into someone else’s formatting and page flow — allowing someone else to Drive your website copy. Don’t risk looking like someone else, or even worse, don’t risk looking like your competition.

For just a little more work, you can write and design an engaging WordPress site that gets attention and engages customers.

Let your story drive the page flow, the copy blocks and more. Don’t Let a WordPress Template Drive Your Website Copy. Your message needs to reveal your story, and why you are so incredible. If you force your copy into a template that doesn’t allow you to do that, you’ll miss the best part of creating a custom website.

Think through your site. Feed your customer bite sized chunks of copy that intrigues them to read on. Utilize cleaver headlines, subheads, tertiary headlines, paragraphs, bullet points, benefits and call to actions. Drive the user to either contact you for more information, or to click on another page to read more.

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