Messaging Platform

Your story is powerful and what makes you different. Make sure it’s being said, and that customers are hearing it. Consistency is key.

At Red Van Creative, we understand the power of creating a message platform to help tell your company’s or brand’s story. We take the time to understand your unique product and service offerings, and we match your benefits and feature sets to your target audience group’s specific needs.

Think of a brand message platform as the foundation for how you talk and write about your business. It summarizes the unique value you bring to your customers—and the characteristics that make your company different. A successful messaging platform, or brand story, will serve your future marketing endeavors by:

  • Providing a consistent message that is easy to repeat without reinventing the wheel
  • Maximizing communication efficiencies
  • Simplifying the sales process and lets the business development team focus on what’s important
  • Quickly and efficiently provide customers and clients with comparative messages
  • Positioning your company or product in the most positive light with audience groups
  • Creating brand equity over time

Consistently explaining your business can be complicated. Let’s talk if you’re interested in:

  • Attracting the right type of customers
  • Standing out from your competitors
  • Creating better leads
  • Simply explain your business, so people want to learn more

Your message platform will help you ensure a consistent message across all tactics

» Elevator pitch

» Website content

» Canned headlines segregated by customer

» Descriptive product copy

» Sales collateral and brochures

» Advertising

» Trade show support

» Promotional materials

» And more!

Consistently explaining your business can be complicated. Let’s talk if you’re ready to learn more about our process.